I have what some like to call "A Cool Weiner"

18 and funky

all pronouns accepted

im benny and i love shitty videogames

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Apr 17 2014


How many fan characters does John green have, like, rough estimate 

10 sonic, 2 hunger games, and 3 warrior cats with the word “blaze” in all of them


We are trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and



when you feel his breath on your neck


thank u spanky


It’s 2004, I’m on a shitty forum and im like 12 or 13. Then someone uploads this and you are loading it via your shitty AOL connection. Then you find out, in this moment, that God is real and his name is Daigo and that anything in the world is possible.


Remarkable found footage of BABY BUB attempting to crawl through your screen: http://youtu.be/Abh9kJqDCII

decision reached, these crackly-ass teeny weenies are in


the fastest word i can type is motherlode